The Millet Revolution Is Here For A New Healthy World

The victorious comeback of the ancient grains 

Why Millet Revolution? In times of global warming, the drought-resistant millets can be the crops of the future.

Healthy, diverse, robust: the grass plant Millet conquers kitchens all over the world. Even chefs now work with millet.

The farmers of India and Africa are happy and optimistic because the ancient grain,  the millet, is gaining culinary heights. The millet is the grain of the future.

In the future, the numerous appetizing forms of preparation of the sweet grasses will have a comeback in our kitchen. Millet pancakes,  cookies in millet syrup,  gluten-free millet pizza, or millet salad, will add healthy culinary recipes to our menus.

millet revolution

The ancient cereal is not only gluten-free, but it also does not contain like wheat, barley, or oats; the mixture of proteins that causes inflammation of the intestinal mucous membranes, to people with a tendency to celiac disease.

The plant has many beneficial components. It has healthier proteins, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and several vitamin B’s.

We can make delicious syrups and also a variety of bread, pasta, couscous, pies, or even popcorn. Even gourmet chefs are enthusiastic about the millet varieties.

Many people still do not know what millet is.

Until the 17th century, the plant was still one of the staple foods also in Europe. The triumphal procession of the wheat and potato drove the millet from the peasants’ fields and the menus. They require less care and can be harvested by machinery.

The robust grain also went out of fashion with industrialized agriculture because its yield per hectare is significantly lower than that of wheat. But at least in Africa, and to a lesser extent in Asia, millions still eat millet.

Also, it serves more than 300 million Africans as a staple food. Africans also use the plant for millet beer brewing. It makes it an indispensable part of everyday life in Africa.

Also, the Africans use the variety of this abundant grass as material in house building or the production of mats and brooms.
The rediscovery of millet has opened up a whole new culinary world, who is, in fact, thousands of years old.

The earliest evidence of millet as human food, the archaeologists discovered in the southern Egyptian archaeological site of Nabta Playa. Here they found millet grains in addition to the remnants of an 8,000-year-old settlement.

Previously, East Africans had cultivated the plant, later spreading to the west of today’s Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Senegal. The fact that the grain grows so good in Africa is due to its preference for dryness and heat.

The ancient grain is much more drought-resistant than wheat or corn. In times of global warming, the grass has a much better future than wheat, for example.

the millet revolution
image source icrisat.org

India also declared the year of the Millet Revolution.

The seeds have been sown for a millet revolution

India is the world’s leading producer of millet. In the 1970s, almost all millet crops harvested, the country did use for domestic consumption. Over the years, millet production in India increased, but per capita consumption fell from 50 to 75% in the 1970s.

Since 2005, millet is no longer food for the people of India, but was in use as animal feed and harvested for the production of alcohol. 

Farmers who grow millet have tried to encourage people to consume millet, but the efforts have not yielded enough results. The average yield of millet plants was 0.83 tons per hectare in 2010.

With the decrease of millet consumption came the increase of Diabetes

The need for a Millet Revolution

Controlling Diabetes with Millets from South India

It might be a significant aspect of cultural identity, but the consumption of white rice and other refined grains has led to an increased incidence of type 2 diabetes in South India. However, diabetes specialists in Bangalore, along with dieticians and diabetes educators, are digging deep into the rich heritage of millet cuisine of Karnataka to address the issue of proper food for people with diabetes. continue reading here

The grain serves as a significant food source in the semi-dry and arid regions of the world. In the parched countryside of western India, millet flour and sorghum were mixed to make a traditional flatbread that is a staple food for the people living there. In southern India, millet is also used to prepare traditional dishes.

As scientists from the Memorial University of Newfoundland(Canada) have found, millet can prevent too high insulin secretion. It makes the grain especially attractive for people with diabetes.

Researchers at the University of Agricultural Sciences also attribute a positive trait to people with diabetes a millet diet over 28 days could lower blood sugar levels and raise HDL cholesterol levels.

Looking Recipes? The Buddhist-Chef prepares a beautiful gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie 

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A Millet Pillow Can It Be A Miracle Cure?

What is a Millet Pillow?

How can a millet pillow help you? Have you been sitting at your desk all day? Then your neck and back can hurt quickly. Rescue comes in the form of massages, relaxation sports such as yoga or a hot water bottle. What many do not know: You can “sleep away” the tension with a millet pillow that replaces the regular pillow on days with neck pain. The best: A millet pillow warms and relaxes other painful parts of the body, such as the stomach.

millet pillow

When the pain prevents sleep

Many know this problem: If you go to bed in the evening, you cannot fall asleep because of pain in your back or another musculoskeletal system. Instead, you roll from side to side, and the pillow always seems to be wrong, no matter how you position it. The cause is often tension in the head and neck area, problems with the back or shoulders, or rigid neck. The millet pillow has been used to treat such complaints for several years. It is a beautiful place to relax on, and in a slightly warmed up form, it can relieve tension pain.

 The millet pillow proves that they can also be real remedies for physical complaints.

Millet pillow miracle cure: Our ancestors already knew

The best remedies still come from nature. Millet is a collective name for small-grain cereals with ten to twelve genera and belongs to the family of sweet grasses. Our ancestors made millet flatbread thousands of years ago, but at that point, they had already discovered the millet pillow as a remedy for tension and pain.

Millet shells with which the millet pillow is filled are particularly soft, particularly elastic, and therefore more flexible than a pillow filled with buckwheat.

The small size of the millet shells also contributes to sleeping comfort on a millet pillow. Most millet pillows you can buy are organic, which means that both the filling and the cotton for the cover come from organic farming. For safe sleeping comfort and especially if the pillow comes into contact with tender children’s skin, care should be taken. You can also make a pillow yourself and fill it with organic millet hulls. 

millet pillow

 Pillow use

The millet pillow works so well against tension and pain because it can be warmed up. It should not be put in the oven or microwave for more than ten minutes. At the same time, it cools in an unheated state, such as when you sweat a lot at night. When traveling, the millet pillow proves to be a comfortable pillow for on the go, which can be stowed away in the luggage to save space and quickly conjured up on long journeys or flights.

And last but not least, a millet pillow gives a lovingly and comfortably made-up bed the final finish, for example, with a beautiful cover. For the millet pillow – as for your other pillows – it is recommended that you have several different covers to choose from. So you can cover the millet pillow suitable for all seasons. In the warmer summer months, light and cooling fabrics such as silk and satin are particularly ideal for the millet pillow. In winter and autumn, terry and beaver covers provide additional cozy warmth. A wide range of colors for the different covers for the millet pillow will help you to easily integrate the pillow into the color scheme of your bed.


What exactly is in a millet pillow?

Millet shells in a pillow

Millet, more precisely millet shells, is an ideal pillow filling material

When it comes to millet pillow fillings, there is some confusion. Millet grains are not used in millet cushions, as you will use to cook in your kitchen.

Instead, only husks, i.e., the original coating of the cores.

If you had millet grains in your pillow, it could germinate due to the moisture and heat that you emit. That would, of course, not be wanted and unpleasant. The material that finds its way to you has already been cleaned and sterilized. You do not have to have any hygiene concerns.

So if you read about someone praising “millet grains” as a pillow filling, it only shows that the author has no idea.

What are the main advantages of a millet pillow?

Relief of neck and body aches

Pain and millet pillow

Millet pillows are traditionally used for pain relief

Even our ancestors use (warmed) millet husks as a means to relieve tension and pain in the back and neck.

Nowadays, appropriate knowledge is used as an additional therapy for common diseases such as lumbago, herniated discs, but also for more complicated spinal disorders such as scoliosis.

Millet pillows and Spelt pillows are also used to relieve menstrual cramps.

Warming up millet pillows

The best way to warm up is to place the pillow on the heater

Other pillow fillings such as feathers may better insulate and return heat, but millet, on the other hand, guides the heat deeper into the pillow. A millet pillow can then store the temperature there for a while.

The heat build-up, as is known from feather/down pillows, does not exist here. There are many users who “preheat” their millet pillow in the oven for a while. You can do that, but don’t put the pillow in for more than ten minutes and choose a moderate temperature. It shouldn’t be hotter than sixty degrees. It is also not advisable to use the microwave – there is a risk of fire.

Alternatively, you can put the pillow on the heater for a few minutes.

The reverse application as a cold pack is also possible. To do this, cool the pillow in the refrigerator or freezer and then use it to relieve swelling.

An adaptable pillow

The millet pillow is particularly suitable for sleeping. Not only because of its beneficial effects but also because of its extremely high adaptability to the head. Poor postures during sleep can be avoided, and pain can be prevented on the following day. Compared to other grain pillows, the millet pillow is particularly cuddly and quiet, so it does not affect the quality of sleep.

Millet husks are small, smooth, and round. This makes them the ideal pillow filling material for a malleable and supple pillow. Unlike feather and down pillows, which you have to shake regularly to bring them into shape, a millet pillow also remains almost in the specified shape.

Therefore, the use of millet pillows is also recommended by chiropractors for cervical spine syndrome or rheumatism. Millet pillows also have their full effect as a nursing pillow.

millet pillow

Durability and reusability

Although millet is a natural product, it lasts almost as long as synthetic materials. The life of millet as a pillow filling is between 3-5 years. This is a period in which you would also need to replace other pillows that were not made naturally.

After three years at the latest, you should consider replacing or replacing the millet husks inside the pillow.


Millet pillows are an efficient device. They became known above all for their soothing effects on tension and pain when the pillow is used as a replacement for the classic hot water bottle.

But even without suffering from tension, it is worth buying such a pillow. Due to the particular climatic and adaptable properties of the pillow, you really do your back and posture a good while sleeping. A night of restful and balanced sleep and new energy for the next day should be reason enough to buy a millet pillow

Here are two recommended millet pillows:

PineTales, Premium Organic Millet Pillow with Designer Bamboo Pillowcase, by PineTales 

Organic Cotton Zippered Shell with Organic Millet Hull Filling – Made in USA by Bean Products 

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Gluten-Free Millet Benefits According To TCM

What are the health benefits of glute-free Millet?

According to TCM, it has a harmonizing effect.

Millet is gluten-free and was the first cereal in the history of mankind. In many parts of Africa and Asia, Millet still serves today as a staple food, while it is mostly disappeared from the kitchens of the Western world.

Golden Millet, many know the pistons only from bird cages, the most common more related species are Teff and the coix seed (known as Yiyiren in Chinese medicinal herbs teaching).

Gluten-free Millet harmonizes and supports the center

 The support of the digestive organs stomach, spleen, and pancreas, the so-called “center” is always at the center of each dietary regulation. In TCM, the spleen is in contrast to Western medicine directly attributable to the digestive function.

According to Chinese Medicine, the grain has a total valuable property of the two functional groups spleen and stomach (together called” the center”) to strengthen and support their Qi.

That means grain in comparison to many other foods with similar nutritional value is relatively easy to digest, and the body allows a smooth and lasting energy supply.

For this reason, it is usually one of the first and most pressing concerns of a nutritionist, according to the TCM to bring its customers to use more high-quality grain. No easy task, as most of what finds its way into a modern kitchen in cereals is miles apart from the ideal of the ancient Chinese.

Particularly refined wheat flour has none of the positive attributes of cereal, but effects that threaten the long-term health. Due to the unnaturally high amount of gluten, whether whole grain or not, the modern wheat represents a heavy burden on the small intestine. This is true not just for people with celiac disease.

In Chinese medicine stresses the functional circuit spleen by dampness and stagnation. Besides, white flour destabilized by the high glycemic index blood sugar levels, which corresponds according to TCM, a weakening of the spleen by an excessively sweet taste. The result is high levels of insulin and sugar cravings.

Compared to this, Millet acts almost like a miracle cure. Gluten-free Millet actually combines all the advantages of grain, which Chinese medicine talks about.

Gluten-free Millet makes a good gut feeling


More and more people complain of indigestion gamut: bloating, fullness and pressure feeling of incomplete or unsatisfactory defecation, constipation or loose stools. Over time we get used to, but for many are the unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines a constant companion.

I want to commend it to all of these people, to try Millet, cooked to taste with cooked vegetables, stewed fruit, or eggs. Millet makes a literally excellent gut feeling. In Chinese dietetics, they say millet “harmonizes ” the Qi of the middle and makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the digestion, the stomach qi sinks and spleen qi ascends.

This function of the gluten-free Millet is precious, especially in the increasingly nervous related digestive disorders. For people with a weak digestive system, Millet should be as often as possible on the table, especially in the evening when the digestibility of food is essential.

Millet makes you beautiful

Many women take millet capsules to strengthen skin, hair, and nails. This is good because Millet contains easily absorbable nutrients. Thanks to its high content of silica, iron, fluorine, zinc, and B vitamins, it is the wealthiest mineral grain at all.

The Chinese know that Millet strengthens spleen Qi strengthens the kidneys and nourishes the blood. Interesting for problems with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, a lack of elasticity of blood vessels, susceptibility to disc problems, and wrinkled skin.

The consolidation of the kidney is reflected in improved strength of teeth and bones. The blood finally provides a better supply of nutrients for skin, nails, and hair. Millet may be swallowed for beauty, but better from the cooking pot and not from capsules.

In the recipe for the anti-wrinkle breakfast, three foods are combined that make beautiful. Two of them, cooked apples and berries Goji, always have been a beauty elixir in China, and Millet makes the trio complete.

Millet is particularly beneficial for women during and after menopause. Due to the blood – nourishing, firming the kidneys and cooling effect, it is good food for internal heat, thirst, blood pressure, agitation, or insomnia.

Click here for beauty tips with Millet. 

How to cook gluten-free Millet?

Nothing easier than that. Millet should be rinsed before cooking with hot water. This improves both the taste and digestibility. Then add MilletMillet with two parts water in a pot and boil, then reduce the heat to minimum and cover the pan. After about 20 minutes, Millet is cooked. Cover and allow continued swelling after cooking for a few minutes.

Instead of the water broth, milk or diluted fruit juice can be used. Cooked Millet keeps for 3 days in the refrigerator. If they dry out there, you can still give a little liquid when warming up.

Freshly cooked Millet has a bit of a metallic taste, but if it is cooked warmed again or mixed, Millet develops lovely mild flavor. Organic Millet tastes better.

Fast millet breakfast with banana and ginger

1 banana

1 cup cooked millet (cooked without salt )

½ teaspoon ginger

a few drops of lemon juice

a few raisins

Mash the banana add warm Millet, ginger, and raisins

A Beauty Breakfast

1 apple (organic with skin)

1 handful Goji berries, washed and soaked in water

1 cup cooked millet (cooked without salt )

1 pinch of salt

little coconut oil

Cut the apple into slices and fry gently in a bit of coconut oil, then pour in 1-2 tbsp of water, simmer a few minutes until it is soft. Add the Goji berries, and let it cook for a moment, then stir in the Millet and sweet with raisins or dates and serve.

This breakfast includes three of the most effective anti-wrinkle agent of TCM. A culinary Botox

Chinese Fried Millet Recipe from The Tiny Vegan Kitchen

Gluten-Free Millet Benefits According To TCM

Millet, my new love. You can use pretty much any veggies that you like in this millet recipe so long as you use lots of garlic and lots of ginger.

More about > Millet and TCM and >Ask Dr.Mao

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4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

Can Millet make you beautiful?

Do you want to have beautiful skin, shiny and thick hair, and beautiful fingernails? Then eat millet regularly! 4 millet recipes for your beauty and happiness are below.

This alone may not be enough, but it is a good start for more health and beauty.

Millet makes you happy as well

In the Middle Ages, because some people felt an antidepressant effect, they called it the happy grain. Millet is full of essential vitamins and minerals; you can imagine a beneficial impact on the organism very well.

Potatoes, wheat, corn, and rye have displaced millet in recent centuries. Now millet is experiencing a renaissance due to her high nutritional content. It contains a lot of iron, magnesium, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6. Millet has many extraordinarily beneficial properties on the organism.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it harmonizes and strengthens the middle, has a diuretic and detoxifying effect. It supports Qi.

Four millet recipes and their effect according to TCM

Effect of millet according to TCM:

Thermal effect: slightly cooling
Organ reference: spleen, stomach, kidney
Effects: tones the Qi, releases moisture, strengthens the blood.
Also, it is good for: weak connective tissue, diabetes, lactation during breastfeeding, fungal disease, candida, dry eyes, brittle nails, and hair, strengthens teeth and bones
Preparation: wash hot, boil for about 10 minutes in twice the amount of hot water (depending on the variety)
The variety that is meant here is the gold millet. It is peeled and easier to digest.

Incidentally, millet is gluten-free and tastes slightly sweet.

It supplies a lot of minerals and iron.

Tip for shopping: Try yourself through the various providers. Some millet becomes more substantial than the others. It probably depends on how carefully the millet is peeled.

Millet is also available to buy as millet flakes. Cooking time: about 5 minutes. They are well suited for a sweet breakfast buffet. But beware: millet flakes are quickly rancid. Pay attention to excellent and fresh quality. Try the Millet recipes below and enjoy!

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

Millet Cakes with Carrots & Spinach

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

These veggie-packed curried millet cakes make a fun, unexpected, and delicious vegetarian dinner! I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get quinoa to stick together to form cohesive patties. With eggs, without eggs… I’ve made countless variations, some more successful than others, but now I have just one word: millet.

Spiced Millet and Vegetables for Mediterranean Diet

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

Healthy whole grains are an important component of the Mediterranean Diet. I love incorporating healthy whole grains with vegetables or grass-fed meat into meals for the family. One of my favorite grains is millet. It is a North African grain high in fiber, that is gluten-free and has a great texture.

Creamy Coconut Cherry Millet Porridge

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

This Creamy Coconut Cherry Millet Porridge is a satisfying breakfast that’s delicious and nutritious. Millet is one of those ancient grains popping up on every food trend list over the past couple of years. Though it may be new to many, millet has been around for years. Chances are you’ve passed it by in the bird food aisle.

Sweet Millet Balls with Mixed Berries Sauce – My Pure Plants

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

We grew really fond of these sweet millet balls recipe. Although millet is usually an under-rated grain, it is very important, not to mention nutritious in a gluten-free diet. If people hear millet, they most probably think of side dish, therefore this millet dessert is definitely unique on its own. We love our sweet millet balls with a fruity sauce with a hint of cinnamon. They can be really mouth-watering.

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Millet The Happy Grain Can Make You Feel Good

Why do we call Millet the happy grain?

We call Millet the happy grain because it is easily digestible.
Millet is a cereal. It is available in the organic store and versatile. Since Millet is particularly easy to digest, this grain is perfect for the entry into the wholesome kitchen. Therefore, anyone who has just begun to incorporate cereal grains into their diet will not be able to get past Millet.

Good mood with Millet

Millet is not only easy to digest, but it also has many other great qualities that make it worthwhile to include Millet in your diet:
The share of zinc and other essential trace elements such as iron, silicon, Millet is a must in the cold autumn and winter days. When it’s dark outside, the vital millet substances make you happy. Good to have Millet, the happy grain in your kitchen.

Millet provides vitamins

Millet also contains some essential vitamins (like B1, B2, B6) and contains iron. All these excellent vital substances provide our bodies with high energy. Especially when the cold season has arrived.

Millet  makes happy sweet or spicy

You can do a lot with Millet. Because Millet is a universal grain. This “good mood cereal” can be used both savory and sweet or as a breakfast.

Millet flakes can be quickly processed into millet pancakes or mixed into muesli for breakfast. You can find often tasty recipes on the packaging of millet flakes. Also, you can produce quickly a delicious porridge, much like oatmeal porridge from Millet flakes.

How to prepare Millet

You can prepare Millet grains like rice, which is why it can be a great accompaniment to salads or even served with vegetables like a bowl of vegetable rice.

The millet grains themselves should be washed with hot water before preparation to optimize the taste. Then either cook the Millet grains a, or you prepare the grain as millet porridge.

Cooking Millet: boil 1 cup of Millet in 2 cups of boiling salted water for 5 minutes, then let it swell for 30 minutes.

Cook millet porridge: boil 1 cup of Millet in 3 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes, then let it swell for 30 minutes.
You also can follow the preparation instructions on the packaging.

Recipes with Millet the happy grain

Creamy Millet porridge with Roasted Strawberries

millet the happy grain

This creamy millet porridge has long been a favorite. Add your favorite toppings including fruit, nuts, and seeds then you’ve got a filling, nutrient-dense breakfast.

Healthy Millet Porridge | Savoury Porridge recipe 

Light & Airy Millet Sandwich Bread {gluten free}

millet the happy grain

This gluten-free Light & Airy Millet Sandwich Bread is ideal not only for sandwiches but for making croutons for stuffing or dressing during the holiday season. The bread is not only light and airy, but it is also moist! Plus, it tastes great. It is super easy to throw together when the mood strikes for homemade gluten-free yeast bread, too. The recipe does not require a huge chunk of time to prepare which is a major bonus.

Millet Cookies

millet the happy grain

Millet is considered a  non-allergenic food and so is a great food for kids who may have food allergies. Millet is loaded with nutrients and using it in a cookie is a great food for an evening snack for kids and a guilt-free snack for adults!
Millet Upma | Foxtail Millet Recipe 
Millet Pulav VIDEO Recipe

Tehri is a mildly spiced one Pot, Turmeric Rice with vegetables. Healthy Foxtail Millet Tehri is a version that uses Millets instead of Rice.
Further information and recipes with Millet



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Millet From The Birdseed To The Superfood

Millet a birdseed that turned to superfood

Is the ancient grain Millet a superfood? Let us rediscover the good old Millet!  It is a superfood because the small granules contain many valuable nutrients.

If you think about millet flasks hanging from your birdcage, you may have missed a trend. Health-conscious eaters are rediscovering the little gold grains and praising them. And rightly so, because you can consider Millet a superfood.

What makes Millet so special?

It is the oldest grain ever. In the Mediterranean and China, findings suggest that people baked millet bread 8,000 years ago. I Europe, Millet was highly esteemed until the triumph of the potato in the late Middle Ages.

There are fairy tales about Sweet Millet Porridge by the German Grimm Brothers. The story tells how people got satisfied and free from poverty and hunger with the porridge. Millet still plays a significant role in the global food supply and is a staple food, especially in Africa and Asia.

Different kinds of Millet

Botanically, Millet belongs to the family of sweet grasses. There are more than 600 species worldwide.  There are two main groups: Millet with small and Sorghum with larger grains.

These include, among others, the miniature Millet, also called Teff. The term mini-millet fits the small grains very well, 150 Teff-grains are just as big as a single grain of wheat.

Millet has an extraordinary composition.

Millet contains a lot of power, which supplies the body with energy and saturates well. Hence it comprises the highest content of iron of all cereals and plenty of B vitamins, fluorine, zinc, magnesium, silicon, fiber, healthy fats, and numerous bioactive substances.

Some ingredients are already recognizable by the color: yellow Millet contains a lot of beta-carotene, red and brown grains provide plenty of cell-protecting antioxidants, white Millet is rich in protein.

Speaking of: millet protein comprises the amino acid leucine, which is essential for children. Cooking millet porridge often is a good idea.

Ideal for vegans, diabetics, and celiacs

With this nutrient profile, Millet meets the needs of vegans as tailor-made, as it improves the supply of nutrients such as iron and protein. But non-vegans also benefit from the ancient grain.

The high fiber content slows the rise in blood sugar levels, which prevents food cravings and has a positive effect on the metabolism of diabetes. And for a third group, Millet is an ideal food for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. They can safely take them into their diet because Millet does not contain gluten.

Here is something to take care of

With all these plus points, however, there is a downside: Millet can contain unwanted substances such as oxalic or phytic acid, especially in the shell.

When buying, you should, therefore, prefer peeled organic goods. Before cooking, wash and soak the grains in water.

Recipes with Millet

Millet is very versatile: it tastes good in savory and sweet foods. You can use it from patties to porridge, soups or dumplings, casseroles, and gratins. Millet flakes and meals also enrich muesli.

Spicy curried cauliflower and millet bowl

millet a superfood

Need an easy and healthy weeknight dinner? Look no further than this Spicy Curried Cauliflower and Millet Bowl! It’s perfect for Meatless Monday!


millet a superfood

This DIY burrito bowl is made with millets and topped with a creamy Avocado Mint sauce. They make a healthy, nutritious and wholesome meal in itself fulfilling all your dietary requirements for the day.

Millet Fritters

millet a superfood

Need an easy appetizer or a quick lunch? These millet fritters will hit the spot!

Creamy Millet and Cashew Pudding

millet a superfood

A surprisingly easy and rich-tasting millet pudding that is actually good for you.

Moroccan Sweet Potato Millet Bowl

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy sweet potatoes.  They are so cheap at the store that I somehow ended up with a whole fridge drawer full!

Rainbow millet salad

millet a superfood

Millet. The newest grain to make its way into the hip whole-foodie scene.


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