A Millet Pillow Can It Be A Miracle Cure?

What is a Millet Pillow? How can a millet pillow help you? Have you been sitting at your desk all day? Then your neck and back can hurt quickly. Rescue comes in the form of massages, relaxation sports such as yoga or a hot water bottle. What many do not know: You can “sleep away” […]

Gluten-Free Millet Benefits According To TCM

What are the health benefits of glute-free Millet? According to TCM, it has a harmonizing effect. Millet is gluten-free and was the first cereal in the history of mankind. In many parts of Africa and Asia, Millet still serves today as a staple food, while it is mostly disappeared from the kitchens of the Western world. […]

4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

Can Millet make you beautiful? Do you want to have beautiful skin, shiny and thick hair, and beautiful fingernails? Then eat millet regularly! 4 millet recipes for your beauty and happiness are below. This alone may not be enough, but it is a good start for more health and beauty. Millet makes you happy as […]

Millet The Happy Grain Can Make You Feel Good

Why do we call Millet the happy grain? We call Millet the happy grain because it is easily digestible. Millet is a cereal. It is available in the organic store and versatile. Since Millet is particularly easy to digest, this grain is perfect for the entry into the wholesome kitchen. Therefore, anyone who has just […]

Millet From The Birdseed To The Superfood

Millet a birdseed that turned to superfood Is the ancient grain Millet a superfood? Let us rediscover the good old Millet!  It is a superfood because the small granules contain many valuable nutrients. If you think about millet flasks hanging from your birdcage, you may have missed a trend. Health-conscious eaters are rediscovering the little […]

The Millet Revolution Is Here For A New Healthy World

The victorious comeback of the ancient grains  Why Millet Revolution? In times of global warming, the drought-resistant millets can be the crops of the future. Healthy, diverse, robust: the grass plant Millet conquers kitchens all over the world. Even chefs now work with millet. The farmers of India and Africa are happy and optimistic because the […]