4 Millet Recipes That Can Make You Beautiful

Can Millet make you beautiful? Do you want to have beautiful skin, shiny and thick hair, and beautiful fingernails? Then eat millet regularly! 4 millet recipes for your beauty and happiness are below. This alone may not be enough, but it is a good start for more health and beauty. Millet makes you happy as […]

Millet From The Birdseed To The Superfood

Millet a birdseed that turned to superfood Is the ancient grain Millet a superfood? Let us rediscover the good old Millet!  It is a superfood because the small granules contain many valuable nutrients. If you think about millet flasks hanging from your birdcage, you may have missed a trend. Health-conscious eaters are rediscovering the little […]

The Millet Revolution Is Here For A New Healthy World

The victorious comeback of the ancient grains  Why Millet Revolution? In times of global warming, the drought-resistant millets can be the crops of the future. Healthy, diverse, robust: the grass plant Millet conquers kitchens all over the world. Even chefs now work with millet. The farmers of India and Africa are happy and optimistic because the […]